Service Times
Worship Services:
Sunday mornings:
8:45am Early Service in the Chapel
10:50am Traditional Serivce in the Sanctuary

Sunday evenings:
6:00pm The Light-Contemporary Service in the Family Ministry Center

2nd Wednesday of the Month:
5:30pm Mid-Month Eucharist in the Chapel

Sunday School:

We welcome you!

Membership – How to Join

The Walker Family

Your joining the Church in as meaningful a way as possible is our goal. We can receive members at any worship opportunity. Simply come forward at the end of the worship service and express your desire to join. All are welcome to join!

If you have been a member of another Church and have been baptized either as an infant, youth, or as an adult — using one of the traditional modes of baptism — sprinkling, pouring, or immersing, you do not need to be re-baptized to become a member of First United Methodist Church-Commerce.

Joining by Profession of Faith:

All who join the church affirm a common profession of belief made either for you by those who love you, in your name, or stated by you at your baptism. Simply stated, that common belief is “I believe God loves me.” In coming forward to join the church, you profess your faith that:

  • Renounces anything that comes between you and God (Sin)
  • Accepts Jesus Christ as your Lord (Savior)
  • Acknowledges the Bible as authoritative, informative and inspiring to your Christian Faith. (Scripture)
  • Commits to The Church as the fellowship of believers in Jesus Christ. (Sacramental Life)

If you have not been baptized or were baptized as an infant but never professed faith nor had your faith confirmed, we invite you to make your desires known to the pastors.

Joining by Transfer of Membership:

If you come from another congregation, you will be asked one question: As a member of Christ’s Church, will you be loyal to the United Methodist Church and do all in your power to strengthen its ministries, and will you then also be loyal to First United Methodist Church- Commerce and uphold the ministry and outreach of this congregations with your:

  • Prayers (daily and worship service prayers for our members, ministry and outreach)
  • Presence (regular attendance in worship and other classes and activities)
  • Gifts (pledging and giving monetary gifts as an expression of thanksgiving to God)
  • Service (giving time and offering talents to extend the ministry and outreach of the church to our members and others beyond our membership)
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